Rotana IPTV 12 months

Rotana IPTV 12 months
Rotana IPTV 12 months
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Rotana Server is an IPTV service that offers a lot of entertainment for TV content lovers in the Middle East. This service was established in 2015 and is managed by Rotana Audio and Video Company. It is characterized by stability and high quality, in addition to providing many great options for users.

Offers and prices:
The Rotana server offers various offers to users at attractive prices, starting from 100 riyals for three months, up to 400 riyals for one year. In addition, multiple packages are provided to meet the needs of individual and family users, where users can choose the packages that suit them according to the services they want.

Quality of service:
Rotana Server is making great efforts to improve the quality of service it provides to users. The service has been renewed to support the new generation technologies and to increase the life of the device in which the service is used. This made it possible for users to watch content in high quality and crystal clear image resolution without frequent interruptions.

The Rotana server service provides rich and varied entertainment content to users in the Middle East, including international TV series, documentaries, movies, exclusive sporting events, as well as live broadcasts of the most important international events and news reports in the Arab and Islamic world.

Technology and platforms:
The Rotana server service is available on many different devices, such as smart TVs, mobile devices, and personal computers. The operating system that the Rotana server operates on is Android and IOS, so users can watch the content of the Rotana server on any device without restrictions.

customers service:
The Rotana server service is distinguished by paying attention to customers, providing after-sales service to customers, and solving any problem they face through technical support available around the clock. The technical support team is also characterized by experience, efficiency and quick response to user requirements, which makes it a preferred destination for many individuals and families in the Middle East.

The Rotana server service is considered one of the best IPTV services available in the Middle East because of the quality of service it provides, and the price packages that allow users to own IPTV service at affordable prices. Thanks to the diverse content available in high quality, users have a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. And its technical support team provides users with great customer service that makes them prefer to stay on the service because of the customer support they need.

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